• "We quoted a high end mosaic application in one of our ocean front construction properties. We quoted with 3 different mosaic suppliers. Not only did Mosaicist offer everything we needed, design, manufacture, and installation, but also their prices came in at 40% lower than the other competitors."

    Matt Chamberlain - Coastal Construction

  • "Working with this company has been an incredible experience. The collaboration was a total success. They executed one of my commissioned paintings for a commercial application finished in a smalti mosaic mural. I traveled to the factory to oversee the project and they allowed me to direct my own artwork interpretation. Just amazing work!"

    Rosaria Pugliese - Artist / Painter

  • "Mosaicist complied with all of your insurance and safety compliance requirements while finishing 2 mosaic murals in a exterior elevation of one of our commercial jobsites. They worked with all of our engineers to safely manufacture and install their work in a speedy timely manner."

    Ann O’hare - Suffolk Construction

  • "Mosaicist' installers performed in a timely manner and worked around our weekend activities. Their installation was very clean and neatly laid out, which was greatly appreciated by the whole facility."

    John Barry Jr. - St Timothy Catholic Church

  • "Custom designing by Mosaicist is a service that makes our home building business unique and one of a kind."

    Helene Hollub - Hollub Construction Group.

  • "Mosaicist has assisted us in planning & designing our new church and museums. We proudly recommend them for anyone who is interested in fine, quality craftsmanship."

    Father Jose Luis Menendez - Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

  • "Mosaicist' unique enamel glass and fabrication process offers a palette of over 1000 colors and tones. In addition to smalti, marble and stones are also in stock. Mosaicist, Inc. is the most complete mosaic company and suits all our needs."

    Amaro Taquechel - A.I.A. Taquechel & Associates

  • "Mosaicist represents the best and most experienced mosaic artists in the world. With the most productive smalti workshops in the industry, our masterpieces are recognized globally."

    Ray J. Corral. Founder - Mosaicist, Inc.

  • "Ray has provided our family with both residential and commercial work. They are reasonable and provide specialized service in the mosaic industry. We highly recommend them."

    Don Soffer and Marsha Soffer - Turnberry Construction

  • "Mosaicist specializes in creating aquatic motif masterpieces. Their mosaic artworks establish beautiful aquatic environments for lifetimes to enjoy."

    Douglas Hackl - Hackl Pool Construction

  • "Mosaicist has an incredible team of artists. We have direct access to the artists that are working on our projects. We do not hesitate in allowing the artists choose and arrange colors when certain color combinations are difficult."

    Lauree Simmons - Simmons & Saray/Builder-Interior Designer

  • "We have specified Mosaicist, Inc. to handle our client's pool mosaic finishes for over 10 years with 100% satisfaction. Ray and his team have finished projects throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean with perfect results.They are top rank in the industry."

    Brian Van Bower - Aquatics Consultants/Award Winning Pool Designer

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